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Electromagnetic Radiation Detector EMFDT1130 LCD Digital Dosimeter Tester Tool


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Electromagnetic Radiation Detector EMFDT1130 LCD Digital Dosimeter Tester Tool

1. Easy to operate, can quickly measure household appliances, wires and industry
The intensity of electromagnetic radiation around the device.
2. Good value for money and easy to carry.
3. Wide test frequency band.
4, the numerical contrast is obvious, suitable for the measurement of the effect of radiation protection products
Demonstration and personal knowledge of radiation.
5. Design conforms to CE.
1. For environmental electromagnetic radiation test: room, office, calculation
Measurement of radiation sources in computer rooms, control rooms, cables, high-voltage lines, monitors, etc.
the amount.
2. Used for measuring electromagnetic radiation of household appliances: computer, electricity
Testing of radiation sources such as video cameras, copiers, fax machines, air conditioners, refrigerators, etc.
3. Measure the radiation of AC power, which cannot be measured directly if it reaches the safety standard
Technical indicators:
Dimensions: 132mm (length) x 69mm (width) x 29mm (height)
Weight: 190 grams
Reading display: three and a half LCD screen, the largest reading 1999.
Test bandwidth: 50Hz-2000MHz
Sampling time: about 0.4 seconds
Working voltage: 9V
Battery model: 6F22 9V
Accessories: instruction manual, warranty card, one 9V battery
Measurement procedure
1. Press the power switch and aim at the appliance under test to prepare for measurement.
2. Hold the instrument slowly to the object to be measured until it comes into contact with it.
The closer to the object to be measured, the greater the electromagnetic radiation value. Note: High-pressure objects are far away
Just take the measurement.
3. During the measurement, try to change the angle of the instrument.
The effect.
4. If the power of the measured object is turned off during the measurement, the instrument
Reading should return to zero status unless there is other interference.
About the battery
1. When the test data of the instrument becomes small or no alarm occurs, it means that the power is not
Please replace the battery in time.
2. Remove the battery when the instrument is not in storage.


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